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  A Buddy For Life Inc.

A Buddy For Life, Inc. was started in 2006 as a small foster based rescue.  Our founder was inspired to do rescue by a Chocolate Lab that she found wandering along a busy road.  The owner of the dog was never found.  A new family for "Buddy" was found through a local rescue.  A Buddy For Life, Inc. was created in honor of Buddy.  

Our rescue has been through a lot since we first started in 2006. Our director started the rescue on her own and it grew along the way. We were able to take on a government animal control contract at one point and despite a lot of obstacles we had to deal with we did our best to make a difference. Now, our director along with only a handful of volunteers are doing everything we can to keep going. Even if we are only able to save one life at a time now we will do that.

When we first started our focus was on the dogs that no one else would take. Many were HW positive. In the past year alone we have spent thousands of dollars and have depleted our bank account. We treated a HW positive dog, a puppy mill mom with a liver shunt who needed surgery for a mammary mass and spay, a very sick puppy from a hoarding situation with autoimmune disease that we did everything we could for but she didn't make it, a litter of kittens with panleuk of which one didn't make it but two survived, and a dog who had entropion and umbilical hernia which were corrected during her spay. We now need to build up our funds or we will not be able to help any more medical cases. We are working with a great group of Veterinarians and Techs now so we would love to be able to help more medical needs babies. 

Please consider making a donation. We do not receive any funding and rely on donations to continue. We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  Our EIN number is 22-3921170.


Our Mission

We believe that every living creature deserves love and security, and to be treated with the respect and responsibility that come with belonging to a family. Our goal is to save the lives of as many dogs and cats as we are able to, making sure that each of those lives, in turn, touches another. To support that goal we find foster families to protect those who would otherwise be discarded and to teach the abused that they are worth our time and affection. We provide a chance to those who have been forgotten or never even known, and the dogs and cats we rescue bring joy to those who open their homes and hearts to our ever-growing family. Through the hard work of many and the grace of second chances, we are working to make sure that more lives may be changed for the better by having A Buddy for Life.








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