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Welcome to the new A Buddy For Life Inc. website! More to come as we continue to work on the site!

A Buddy for, Life Inc. is a 501c(3) foster-based rescue in New Castle, Delaware.  We provide a chance for dogs and cats (sometimes others) that have been discarded.  We try to save the ones that truly need us.  We rely on volunteers and everyone in the community to help make us a success.  We can only save as many lives as we have a committed place for and the funding to do so.

As we continue to work on building our new website you will see that we will be adding a bunch of different fundraisers. Please check them out and help us continue to help the animals! Every little bit helps and we appreciate the continued support!

Tens for Tails - Cotton Memorial Fund

Cotton came to us a hoarding situation through another rescue. She was only 4 months old. She quickly became very ill with a high fever, lethargy, no appetite. Bloodwork showed she was anemic, radiographs showed she had an infection in her joints. She was started on antibiotics and steroids. She seemed better for about 10 days and then crashed again. We switched antibiotics and continued the course of steroids. Again she did better and again she crashed. After repeated bloodwork, radiographs, ultrasound, internal medicine consults and different treatments without making any progress we had to make the decision to let her poor body rest. A member of our medical team adopted her for her final days. We are all very saddened by her loss and in her memory would like to be able to help others like her.  We do not want to turn away someone who needs us because we do not have the money for extra medical care.

By making a recurring donation of $10 (more if you would like!) a month you can help us accomplish our goal of not turning someone away because of medical needs. 

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